Magnetic Paint - Gallon

MAGIC WALL MAGNETIC PAINT is an acrylic latex water-based primer that turns any wall into a magnetic receptive surface.

This gallon contains 128 oz; covers 100 square feet with 2 coats.  We recommend 2 coats for optimal attraction.

A great solution to:

  • Cluttered refrigerators
  • Ugly push pin holes
  • Tape marks


  • Classrooms
  • Art projects and photo walls
  • Home workshops
  • Family rooms and Playrooms
  • Kids and teens bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Office planning boards
  • School displays and bulletin boards
  • Dorm rooms



Magnetic Paint FAQ's

What is it? - Magnetic Paint is a waterbased latex paint mixed with a very fine iron powder.

What color is it? – It’s a dark gray color due to the iron powder in the paint.

How should it be applied? – With a foam roller or brush – BUT, a foam brush will yield a smoother finished surface. 

How many coats?  We recommend at least  two coats of the Magnetic Paint with two finish coats of a good quality latex paint.

Does it work with all magnets? – No, magnets that are too heavy won’t stick, the flat type of refrigerator magnets work best.

How does it work? – The iron powder in the paint creates a thin magnetic receptive surface.

Will it have a texture?  Yes, the paint will have a slightly textured feel to it due to the iron powder in the paint.  Customers can use a Scotch Brite green scrub pad to go over the surface lightly to make it a smoother surface (not too much – you don’t want to sand the iron off the wall or the magnets will not stick).

Is there any lead in it?  - No, the iron powder is what makes it magnetic receptive.

Can I tint the color or is it available in any other colors?  No, adding paint would dilute it – it is only available in dark gray, BUT it can be painted over in any color.

Is it safe to use in a home? Yes, Magnetic Paint is kid safe.  It is an acrylic, latex, water-based paint primer.  It contains no lead, and conforms to environmental VOC regulations and ASTM #D4236.  Once applied and dry, it is as safe as any other surface in your home.

Will it interfere with computers? No, the paint itself is not magnetic.  It has iron powder that creates a magnetic receptive surface for a magnet to stick to, just like a refrigerator door.  It is safe to use in a home or office and will not interfere with computer equipment.

Can I put Chalkboard or Dry Erase Paint on top of the Magnetic Paint?  Yes.  We recommend that after you apply each coat of Magnetic Paint, let it dry, and then go over it with a Scotch-Brite green scrub pad to make the surface as smooth as possible.  Remember that the surface of blackboards and dry-erase boards are perfectly smooth and our paint (even when smooth) still has a slight texture (almost like the smoother side of an emery board).  As a result, you may need to rub a little harder to wipe the chalk or dry erase marker marks away.  Also, please note that we do not manufacture either the Chalkboard Paint or the Dry Erase Paint and cannot attest to the long term durability of these products.

How much does it cover?  A gallon covers 100 square feet with 2 coats and weighs 22 lbs.

Magnetic Paint - Gallon
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